Correspondence Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
LA.SC110.S3.f6 Burnett, Melissa Correspondence File 1984-1985
LA.SC110.S3.f7 Business Correspondence File 1965-1986
LA.SC110.S3.f8 Cameron-Bloore, Dorothy Correspondence File 1965-1991
LA.SC110.S3.f11 Chapman, Christopher Correspondence File 1971-1977
LA.SC110.S3.f12 Christensen, Michel Letter File 1984-1984
LA.SC110.S3.f13 Colleges and Art Schools Correspondence File 1966-1997
LA.SC110.S3.f21 Larocque,Yves Letters File ca. 1991-ca. 1991
LA.SC110.S3.f22 Linehan, Brian Letters File 1973-1979
LA.SC110.S3.f23 Mailing Lists File [Before 2004]-2004
LA.SC110.S3.f31 Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Letters File 1980-1983
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