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Murray Favro fonds
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1968 notebook

File consists of 1 lined exercise notebook with Favro's notes and sketches. "1968" is written on the front of the notebook. Inside it Favro writes and reflects on a range of topics, including his intentions as an artist, painting, and his thoughts on different types of artists.

1970s correspondence, personal licences and memberships, and other materials

File consists of textual records and graphic material. Includes approximately 16 pages of professional and personal correspondence, largely from the 1970s, a doctor's invoice from 1971, a Motorcycle insurance certificate, a Men's Canteen membership card, an invitation to a show opening at La Galerie de France from 1969, a 1969 bulletin for the London Public Library and Art Museum, 2 copies of a program for the 1969 Biennale in France, and a photocopy of a 1971 Globe and Mail article. Also included are approximately 40 pages of handwritten notes and sketches, covering a variety of topics and projects including a description of a possible projections show, a list of Favro's exhibitions up to 1971, problems on viewing films, and possible ideas for projects. Also included is a B&W photograph a of a desk and a postcard of Ibiza, Spain.

1971 Duotang notebook

File consists of 1 duotang of papers from approximately 1971. The topics covered in the notebook are varied, but include notes on a project called "Poo Fly," notes on objects and the influences or forces that affect them, steps for a possible project, technology, and preparations for a speech in which Favro discusses the philosophy behind his work.

1972 Spiral notebook

File consists of 1 spiral notebook with Favro's notes and sketches from 1972 to approximately 1973. Notes on current projects, ideas, thoughts and sketches are included. Not all of the pages are titled, but some examples of titles from the notes include; "IDEA for a Wind Stringed Instrument," “Thermal Electric Cooling (for projectors)," "1973 Experiments," "Patent Application," Ultrasonic Surface Waves," "The Concrete Example," "The Intelligent machine," and "A Type of Information Machine." A number of pages have also been drawn on by Mark Favro, with some labelled "Mark Favro's Drawings."

1990s Projects, materials related to "Railway Tracks," and catalogue print-outs

File consists of approximately 95 loose pages of textual records and graphic material, and 1 stapled catalogue booklet. Materials mainly concern Favro’s works and projects from the 1990s. Also includes colour and B&W print-outs of Favro's works, mainly installation pieces, possibly photocopied from a published catalogue. Also included are notes, sketches, and installation instructions pertaining to "Railway Tracks (1995-1996)," a printed email from Don Wherry to A. Pratten about the lineup for the 1996 Sound Symposium, a draft from 1971 of Favro's writings on "Mechanology," a copy of a published Spanish-language catalogue titled "Casa de las Americas" from 1988, a photocopy of a French-language biographical sketch from 1973, a photocopy of a magazine article about Favro in English and French from 1995, printed information on the Forest City Gallery, including its mission statement, and a colour printout of "Snow on Steps (1994)."

20th Anniversary Forest City Gallery Catalogue and other materials

File consists of textual records including a number of handwritten notes and diagrams for a project (possibly "Synthetic Wave"), two copies of a printed diagram of an aircraft and its internal components, and a 20th Anniversary Issue of the Forest City Gallery catalogue for 1973-1993. Also includes a 3-page letter from Carmen Lamanna to Shonan McKay at Macleans Magazinefrom 1979, a handwritten letter from Nairn Publishing House from 1974, and a 2-page letter from Carmen Lamanna to Cathy Arthur with artscanada from 1981.

Aircraft and flight notes and other materials

File consists of textual records pertaining mainly to Favro’s activities between 1970-1975, and especially regarding flight and aircrafts. Includes a letter from Carmen Lamanna to Dr. Manfred Schneckenburger regarding "Projekt '74," a letter from Favro to the Experimental Aircraft Association, and a letter from the Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand. It also includes a printed 30-page article titled, “A Computer-Based Alternative for Scientific and Technical Publishing,” a 1974 invitation to an exhibition opening featuring Favro's work at the Gallery of the London Public Library and Art Museum, and approximately 20 pages of notes and sketches from 1971-72 detailing possible projects and ideas for a project titled "Flight" and a number of other undefined projects.

Aircraft design notes and sketches

File consists of approximately 27 pages of notes and sketches mostly relating to aircraft design. Some pages have dates between 1972-73, but many are undated. Also includes two sketches of aircraft components on tracing paper.

Aircraft sketches duotang notebook

File consists of 1 undated duotang notebook of papers primarily containing aircraft sketches. At the back of the notebook is also a draft of a letter to Peter Sepp requesting financial assistance from POCA for a show.

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