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Three-dimensional works

Series consists of three-dimensional works by Robert Markle, including maquettes for public sculpture projects and competitions.

Markle, Robert, 1936-1990

Projects, proposals and other business files

Series consists of Robert Markle’s correspondence, notes, and other documentation for various artistic and other kinds of projects, including public mural & sculpture commissions, art sales, Markleangelo’s restaurant, the “Something Brewing” program, Artists Jazz Band trip to Paris, studio rentals, government grant applications, and Markle’s employment as an instructor at the University of Guelph. Files typically contain correspondence, receipts, leases, notes, and similar records. Some project-related files contain sketches and diagrams relating to art work. Material has been filed according to project by Robert Markle, with some additional files assembled by the archivist. File titles have been taken from Markle’s file labels, except for those in square brackets, which have been supplied by the archivist.

Markle, Robert, 1936-1990

Audiovisual records

Series consists of three audiovisual items relating to Iskowitz’s career.

Iskowitz, Gershon, 1921-1988

Source material

Series consists of photographs, postcards, newspaper and magazine clippings, and original sketches collected and filed by Robert Markle for their inspirational value or personal importance. Many of these files are titled “Good Stuff” or simply “Stuff”. Some additional files have been assembled by the archivist from similar material which had not been filed.

Markle, Robert, 1936-1990

New York office records

Series comprises records from the Gallery Moos New York office, including correspondence with clients, artists and colleagues; card indexes; floor plans and architectural drawings; photographs of artwork and the gallery space; administrative records regarding the gallery space and samples of letterhead. Material was received from Gallery Moos in 2004 and 2012. .

Gallery Moos


Series contains photographs and negatives relating to the personal and private life of L.A.C. Panton. Material includes photographs of family and friends, photographs of his paintings, and photographs on which he based his paintings. The photographs have been arranged by subject matter and size. Very few of the photographs have been labeled or dated.

Panton, L.A.C. (Lawrence Arthur Colley), 1894-1954

Canadian bookplate collection

  • LA.SC020
  • Collection
  • 1800s-2000s

Collection consists of ornamented and illustrated bookplates accumulated by the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) Library and Archives beginning in 1969. In that year, AGO librarian Sybille Pantazzi acquired the first group of items now included in the collection, and added to it in 1975 and 1978. The Library and Archives continues to augment the collection.
The bookplates in the collection were chiefly designed for Canadian book collectors, libraries and associations by Canadian, American and other artists from the 19th century to the present day. The collection includes armorial, presentation and other bookplates and 1 leaflet, and comprises various forms of prints such as engravings, etchings and woodcuts. Most of the bookplates have not been used.

Art Gallery of Ontario. Edward P. Taylor Library and Archives

Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani fonds

  • LA.SC036
  • Fonds
  • 1831-2010, predominant 1900-1965

Fonds consists of personal and professional records created by Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani and their families, chiefly in Europe, North Africa, and Canada, for the most part between ca. 1910 and 1955, comprising photographs of Gilbert Bagnani's travels and archaeological work in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Libya and Egypt in the 1920s and 1930s; a motion picture of his activities in and around Tebtunis in Egypt in 1934; correspondence between the Bagnanis themselves, Gilbert Bagnani's mother Florence Bagnani and other family members; photos of the families of Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani, including 19th-century photo portraits of their Dewar, Houston, and Robinson relatives; a collection of copy prints and glass slides of art and antiquities used by Dr. Bagnani in his university teaching; audio recordings of Dr. Bagnani lecturing; albums of clippings and memorabilia of family and social events; miscellaneous printed, typescript and manuscript items; photos of the Bagnanis at Trent University in the 1980s; an album of postage stamps; and other material.

Contains series:

  1. Correspondence
  2. Family photographs
  3. Archaeological and travel photographs
  4. Art history images
  5. Albums and scrapbooks
  6. Miscellaneous records

Bagnani, Gilbert, 1900-1985

Emily Elliott collection

  • LA.SC004
  • Collection
  • 1861-1925

Collection consists of illustrations clipped from fashion magazines, general-interest periodicals, children’s
picture books and other illustrated books, bringing together the work of over 275 illustrators published
between the 1860s and the 1920s, chiefly in the United States, Britain and Canada.
Fashion magazine covers in series 1 featuring imaginative and extravagant costumes are full colour
lithographs, as are most of the sheets in series 4 (Illustrations from publications for children). Illustrations
in series 2 (Book and magazine illustrations) are largely achromatic images depicting events in fictional
and poetic works, and include printed black-and-white wood engravings. Many folders contain a single
sheet of illustration by one artist, while series 3 (Gustave Doré illustrations) consists of more than two
hundred published wood engravings by prolific French artist Gustave Doré. The collection of over 3000
items offers a perspective on the era of illustration by graphic artists before it was largely superseded
(except in children’s literature) by photography.

Elliott, Emily Louise (Orr), 1867–1952

Book and magazine artists' illustrations

File contains over 2000 sheets of book and magazine illustrations, chiefly from fictional works, some of which are mounted on cardboard (38 x 25 cm) or similar. Arrangement, by box: 1) Ashley-Duncan; 2) Fink-Guipon; 29) Hale-Kinney; 30) Lawless-Myrbach; 31) Nahl-Small; 32) Stevens-Unidentified artists. Illustrations by William James Aylward, Randolph Caldecott and Walter Crane will also be found in series 4 (Illustrations from publications for children). The following artists are represented: Ashley, Clifford Warren (1881-1947), Aylward, William James (1875-1956), Birch, Reginald Bathurst (1856-1943), Booth, Franklin (1874-1948), Browne, Hablot Knight (1815-1882), Bull, René (ca.1875-1942), Burne-Jones, Edward (1833-1898), Caldecott, Randolph (1846-1886), Cameron, Hugh (1835-1918), Castaigne, J. André (1861-1929), Chambers, Charles Edward (1883-1941), Christy, Howard Chandler (1872-1952), Cootes, Frederick Graham (1879-1960), Covey, Arthur Sinclair (1877-1960), Covey, Molly Sale (1880-1917), Craig, Frank (1874-1918), Crane, Walter (1845-1915), Creswick, Thomas (1811-1869), Cruikshank, George (b. 1842), Devambez, André Edouard (1867-1944), Dicksee, Frank (1853-1928), Doyle, Charles Altamont (1832-1893), Doyle, Richard (1824-1883), Du Maurier, George (1834-1896), Dudley, Robert Charles (1826-1900), Duncan, Walter Jack (1881-1941), Edwards, Mary Ellen (1838-1910?), Fink, Denman (1880-1956), Fisher, Harrison (1877-1934), Flagg, James Montgomery (1877-1960), Fogarty, Thomas (1873-1938), Foote, Mary Hallock 1847-1938), Foster, Myles Birket (1825-1899), Foster, William Frederick (1883-1953), Foster, William Harnden (1886-1941), Fraser, Francis Arthur (1846-1924), Furlong, Charles Wellington (1874-1967), Gilbert, John (1817-1897), Glackens, William James (1870-1938), Goble, Warwick (1863-1943), Graham, Thomas Alexander Ferguson (1840-1906), Green, Elizabeth Shippen (1871-1954), Greiffenhagen, Maurice (1862-1931), Gruger, Frederic Rodrigo (1871-1953), Guipon, Léon (1872-1910), Hale, Walter (1869-1917), Hanna, Thomas King (1872-1951), Harding (Brown), Charlotte (1873-1951), Harding, George Matthews (1882-1959), Harrison, Florence Susan (1877-1955), Haskell, Ernest (1876-1925), Hatherell, William (1855-1928), Heath, Ernest Dudley (1867-1945), Herter, Albert (1871-1950), Hitchcock, Lucius Wolcott (1868-1942), Houghton, Arthur Boyd (1836-1875), Hughes, Arthur (1832-1915), Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910), Hutchison, Robert Gemmell (1855-1936), Hutt, Henry (1875-1950), Ivanowski, Sigismond de (1875-1944), Jones, Alfred Garth (1872-1955), Joseph, Sydney (1876-1950), Justice, Martin (1869-1961), Keene, Charles Samuel (1823-1891), Keller, Arthur Ignatius (1866-1924), Kemble, Edward Windsor (1861-1933), Kimball, Alonzo Myron (1874-1923), King, Cecil (1881-1942), King, William B. (1880-1927), Kinney, Margaret West (1872-1950) and Troy Kinney (1871-1938), Lawless, Matthew James (1837-1864), Lawrence, William Hurd (1866-1938), Lawson, Francis Wilfred (1842-1935), Lawson, John (19th cent.), Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896), Linson, Corwin Knapp (1864-1934), Loeb, Louis (1866-1909), Lowell, Orson (1871-1956), Macbeth, Robert Walker (1848-1910), Macquoid, Percy (1852-1925), Mahoney, James (ca.1816-1879), Marchand, John Norval (1875-1921), Matthews, W. (19th/20th cent.), Maxwell, Donald (1877-1936), McCarter, Henry (1866-1942), McCormick, Arthur David (1860-1943), Meylan, Paul Julien (1882-1962), Michael, Arthur Carr (fl. 1903-1928), Millais, John Everett (1829-1896), Millet, Francis Davis (1846-1912), Mora, F. Luis (1874-1940), Morten, Thomas (1836-1866), Mulready, William (1786-1863), Myrbach, Felician (1853-1940), Nahl, Perham Wilhelm (1869-1939), North, John William (1842-1924), Oakley, Thornton (1881-1953), O'Neill, Rose Cecil (1874-1944), Peck, Clara Elsene (1883-1968), Peck, Henry Jarvis (1880-1964), Peixotto, Ernest Clifford (1869-1940), Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926), Pettie, John (1839-1893), Pfeifer, Herman (1879-1931), Pickersgill, Frederick Richard (1820-1900), Pinwell, George John (1842-1875), Poynter, Edward John (1836-1919), Preston, May Wilson (1875-1963), Pyle, Howard (1853-1911), Relyea, Charles M. (1863-1932), Reynolds, Frank (1876-1953), Reynolds, Warwick (1880-1926), Rivière, Briton (1849-1920), Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882), Sanderson, H. (fl. 1862-1865), Sandys, Frederick (1829-1904), Shepard, Ernest H. (1879-1976), Small, William (1843-1931), Stevens, Dorothy (1888-1966), Stone, Marcus C. (1840-1921), Tenniel, John (1820-1914), Thomas, George Housman (1824-1868), Walker, Fred (1840-1875), Watson, John Dawson (1832-1892), Weir, Harrison William (1824-1906), Whistler, James McNeill (1834-1903), Williams, John Alonzo (1869-1951), Winter, Alice Mary (Beach) (1877-1970), Wolf, Joseph (1820-1899), Unidentified artists.

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