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Record Book

File consists of 1 hardcover notebook of lined paper with "Record" on the front. It includes Favro's notes on a range of topics including the concepts of sensitizing and desensitizing, recording devices, computers, and more.

1971 Duotang notebook

File consists of 1 duotang of papers from approximately 1971. The topics covered in the notebook are varied, but include notes on a project called "Poo Fly," notes on objects and the influences or forces that affect them, steps for a possible project, technology, and preparations for a speech in which Favro discusses the philosophy behind his work.

Miscelaneous Writtings [sic]

File consists of approximately 51 loose pages of notes, which has "1972-1977 Miscelaneous Writtings [sic]" written on the first page. There are a variety of topics covered and projects by the writings, including the relationship between art and science, what Favro referred to as "The Myth Process," desensitization, magic, the individual, the centralization of technical knowledge, the Blacksmiths Jet Engine, the migration of functions in machines, knowledge and intelligence, and more.

Test Instruments - Building Oscilliscope AND - Notes on Scope Tube uses etc.

File consists of approximately 48 undated loose pages of textual materials, with "Test Instruments - Building an Oscilliscope [Oscilloscope?] AND Notes on Scope Tube uses etc." written on the front page. Circuit diagrams and handwritten notes make up the majority of the contents, with a few pages of photocopied textbook materials and some typed pages on mechanology. Also included are some handwritten notes regarding "Tatlin's Ornithopter."

Project Design notes and ideas

File consists of approximately 44 pages of textual records, mainly comprised of notes, sketches and diagrams relating to a variety of Favro's ideas and projects. These include a sketch of an aircraft, a note titled "Dream about electronics" from 1976, a list of ideas from 1972, notes and sketches related to an undefined projection project, a sketch of a "Dipy-Bird Engine," a "One Element Turbo-Jet Engine," and notes for cutting tools. There are also notes, sketches and diagrams relating to a "Basic Machine Shop," a "Wind Powered Sculpture," metal working, and some undefined machinery project(s). Also included is 1 page of a handwritten draft titled "Story: Science Fiction: The inventor."

Letters from Banff Centre and notes

File consists of approximately 50 loose pages of textual records. Included are 2 letters from Pauline Martin of the Banff Centre from 1988 regarding a trip Favro took to Banff to give a lecture. Also included is a draft of a letter regarding a response to a (radio?) program, notes and diagrams regarding a "Teletype Project," and a variety of notes and diagrams for an undefined circuitry project.

Notes and Diagrams for Universal Projector

File consists of approximately 64 pages of largely undated textual materials, mainly relating to a "Universal Projector" project. Circuit diagrams and handwritten notes make up the majority of the materials, as well as some photocopied pages containing instructions to build an "8080 microcomputer." Also included are some notes and sketches relating to a spiral windmill project, an ultrasonic lift, an ornithopter, a hang glider, an Aeolian harp, a tilt windmill, and a photography experiment.

Computer Samples

File consists of 1 CD titled "Computer Samples." On the cover is a digital rendering of a red train. Included are approximately 175 of electronic files relating to Favro's projects, including "Big Train," “Porch,” and "Arow[sic]." Includes images, text files, records relating to “Netscape,” and records relating to a possible movie project. Also contains a 16-bit version and a 32-bit version of “PKZIP for Windows,” a file archiving computer program.

Tatlins Ornithopter notes and research

File consists of approximately 25 undated loose pages of textual records relating to a possible project called "Talins Ornithopter," which has been written on the front page. Included are photocopies of pages from an article titled "TALIN: Art out into technology," as well as typed and handwritten notes on Talin's Ornithopter.

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