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Book and magazine artists' illustrations

File contains over 2000 sheets of book and magazine illustrations, chiefly from fictional works, some of which are mounted on cardboard (38 x 25 cm) or similar. Arrangement, by box: 1) Ashley-Duncan; 2) Fink-Guipon; 29) Hale-Kinney; 30) Lawless-Myrbach; 31) Nahl-Small; 32) Stevens-Unidentified artists. Illustrations by William James Aylward, Randolph Caldecott and Walter Crane will also be found in series 4 (Illustrations from publications for children). The following artists are represented: Ashley, Clifford Warren (1881-1947), Aylward, William James (1875-1956), Birch, Reginald Bathurst (1856-1943), Booth, Franklin (1874-1948), Browne, Hablot Knight (1815-1882), Bull, René (ca.1875-1942), Burne-Jones, Edward (1833-1898), Caldecott, Randolph (1846-1886), Cameron, Hugh (1835-1918), Castaigne, J. André (1861-1929), Chambers, Charles Edward (1883-1941), Christy, Howard Chandler (1872-1952), Cootes, Frederick Graham (1879-1960), Covey, Arthur Sinclair (1877-1960), Covey, Molly Sale (1880-1917), Craig, Frank (1874-1918), Crane, Walter (1845-1915), Creswick, Thomas (1811-1869), Cruikshank, George (b. 1842), Devambez, André Edouard (1867-1944), Dicksee, Frank (1853-1928), Doyle, Charles Altamont (1832-1893), Doyle, Richard (1824-1883), Du Maurier, George (1834-1896), Dudley, Robert Charles (1826-1900), Duncan, Walter Jack (1881-1941), Edwards, Mary Ellen (1838-1910?), Fink, Denman (1880-1956), Fisher, Harrison (1877-1934), Flagg, James Montgomery (1877-1960), Fogarty, Thomas (1873-1938), Foote, Mary Hallock 1847-1938), Foster, Myles Birket (1825-1899), Foster, William Frederick (1883-1953), Foster, William Harnden (1886-1941), Fraser, Francis Arthur (1846-1924), Furlong, Charles Wellington (1874-1967), Gilbert, John (1817-1897), Glackens, William James (1870-1938), Goble, Warwick (1863-1943), Graham, Thomas Alexander Ferguson (1840-1906), Green, Elizabeth Shippen (1871-1954), Greiffenhagen, Maurice (1862-1931), Gruger, Frederic Rodrigo (1871-1953), Guipon, Léon (1872-1910), Hale, Walter (1869-1917), Hanna, Thomas King (1872-1951), Harding (Brown), Charlotte (1873-1951), Harding, George Matthews (1882-1959), Harrison, Florence Susan (1877-1955), Haskell, Ernest (1876-1925), Hatherell, William (1855-1928), Heath, Ernest Dudley (1867-1945), Herter, Albert (1871-1950), Hitchcock, Lucius Wolcott (1868-1942), Houghton, Arthur Boyd (1836-1875), Hughes, Arthur (1832-1915), Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910), Hutchison, Robert Gemmell (1855-1936), Hutt, Henry (1875-1950), Ivanowski, Sigismond de (1875-1944), Jones, Alfred Garth (1872-1955), Joseph, Sydney (1876-1950), Justice, Martin (1869-1961), Keene, Charles Samuel (1823-1891), Keller, Arthur Ignatius (1866-1924), Kemble, Edward Windsor (1861-1933), Kimball, Alonzo Myron (1874-1923), King, Cecil (1881-1942), King, William B. (1880-1927), Kinney, Margaret West (1872-1950) and Troy Kinney (1871-1938), Lawless, Matthew James (1837-1864), Lawrence, William Hurd (1866-1938), Lawson, Francis Wilfred (1842-1935), Lawson, John (19th cent.), Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896), Linson, Corwin Knapp (1864-1934), Loeb, Louis (1866-1909), Lowell, Orson (1871-1956), Macbeth, Robert Walker (1848-1910), Macquoid, Percy (1852-1925), Mahoney, James (ca.1816-1879), Marchand, John Norval (1875-1921), Matthews, W. (19th/20th cent.), Maxwell, Donald (1877-1936), McCarter, Henry (1866-1942), McCormick, Arthur David (1860-1943), Meylan, Paul Julien (1882-1962), Michael, Arthur Carr (fl. 1903-1928), Millais, John Everett (1829-1896), Millet, Francis Davis (1846-1912), Mora, F. Luis (1874-1940), Morten, Thomas (1836-1866), Mulready, William (1786-1863), Myrbach, Felician (1853-1940), Nahl, Perham Wilhelm (1869-1939), North, John William (1842-1924), Oakley, Thornton (1881-1953), O'Neill, Rose Cecil (1874-1944), Peck, Clara Elsene (1883-1968), Peck, Henry Jarvis (1880-1964), Peixotto, Ernest Clifford (1869-1940), Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926), Pettie, John (1839-1893), Pfeifer, Herman (1879-1931), Pickersgill, Frederick Richard (1820-1900), Pinwell, George John (1842-1875), Poynter, Edward John (1836-1919), Preston, May Wilson (1875-1963), Pyle, Howard (1853-1911), Relyea, Charles M. (1863-1932), Reynolds, Frank (1876-1953), Reynolds, Warwick (1880-1926), Rivière, Briton (1849-1920), Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882), Sanderson, H. (fl. 1862-1865), Sandys, Frederick (1829-1904), Shepard, Ernest H. (1879-1976), Small, William (1843-1931), Stevens, Dorothy (1888-1966), Stone, Marcus C. (1840-1921), Tenniel, John (1820-1914), Thomas, George Housman (1824-1868), Walker, Fred (1840-1875), Watson, John Dawson (1832-1892), Weir, Harrison William (1824-1906), Whistler, James McNeill (1834-1903), Williams, John Alonzo (1869-1951), Winter, Alice Mary (Beach) (1877-1970), Wolf, Joseph (1820-1899), Unidentified artists.

Book and magazine illustrations

United States from the mid-19th century to around 1915. These include the work of 132 artists, for which predominant sources were monthly and weekly periodicals featuring fiction with captioned narrative illustrations, including The Century magazine, Collier’s, Cosmopolitan, Cornhill magazine, The delineator, Everybody’s magazine, Good words, Harper’s monthly magazine, Harper’s weekly, The leisure hour, London society, McClure’s magazine, Scribner’s magazine and Scribner’s monthly.
Several illustrations come from mid-19th-century books such as those created by Myles Birket Foster for his Beauties of English landscape (London : George Routledge and Sons, 1874), by Thomas Creswick for Poems by Alfred Tennyson (London : E. Moxon & Co., 1866) and by John Dawson Watson for The pilgrim’s progress by John Bunyan (London : Routledge, Warne and Routledge, 1861).
Other sources were general-interest magazines and fashion magazines, including The bookman, Harper’s bazar, The illustrated London news, Life and Vanity fair, that contained sections featuring the artwork of illustrators. A small number of magazine covers in colour and some pages from U.S. newspapers are included The folder of illustrations by John Tenniel includes an issue of The art journal ([April], 1901, designated “The art annual”) consisting of “The life and works of Sir John Tenniel” by Cosmo Monkhouse.

Elliott, Emily Louise (Orr), 1867–1952

Miscellaneous papers

Series comprises biographical information, materials on CBC broadcasts by and about F.H. Varley, lists of publications about Varley and his work, notes and drafts of letters and other writings, insurance policies and a passport. Some materials apparently pertain to the family of Kathleen McKay.


File contains a Canadian passport issued to Varley in 1966; the programme for the opening of the McMichael Conservation Collection of Art, 1966; a calendar for a Doon School of Fine Arts; a York University art exhibition notice from 1965; a photomechanical print of a drawing of Varley by A. Kimpton; a list of Varley transparencies in the collection of the Edmonton Art Gallery; receipts, lists of works of art, a promissory note (1875) and related records, receipts, a photomechanical print of a child with bow and arrow (annotated on verso), a small negative (photographic) of trees, and other material.

Frederick Varley fonds

  • LA.SC023
  • Fonds
  • 1875-1987, predominant 1940-1969

The fonds consists chiefly of correspondence (professional and personal); diaries and address books, inventories; financial records; photographs of artworks and family; and miscellaneous papers.

Varley, Frederick Horsman, 1881-1969

Wyatt Eaton fonds

  • LA.SC003
  • Fonds
  • 1878-1911

Fonds consists of scrapbooks assembled by Canadian artist and author Edmund Morris (1871-1913) of autograph manuscripts of Wyatt Eaton, chiefly on art (especially Italian Renaissance art), and literature. Also included are correspondence of Edmund Morris, Charlotte Eaton and others regarding Wyatt Eaton, and material related to the Society of American Artists.

Eaton, Wyatt

A.H. Howard fonds

  • LA.SC115
  • Fonds
  • 1880-1914

Fonds consists of drawings, watercolours and designs of A. H. Howard produced in Toronto between 1880 and 1914, especially in the sketchbooks in which Howard drew Ontario landscapes and towns, flowers, trees, human figures, factory interiors and other subjects. Similar drawings and watercolours are contained in two albums and a portfolio. Also included are examples of his decorative and calligraphic work from illuminated presentation addresses, certificates, bookplates and other materials.
Contains series:

  1. Portfolio and albums
  2. Sketchbooks
  3. Decorative designs and drawings

Howard, Alfred Harold, 1854–1916

Frances Loring and Florence Wyle fonds

  • LA.SC029
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1882]-1978, predominant 1944-1968

The fonds consists first, of papers of Frances Loring: correspondence (largely genealogical), lists of her works, a collection of short stories, articles, newspaper clippings, information about Loring’s father, Frank C. Loring, and two etching plates. Second, papers and other materials of Florence Wyle: poems, diaries, journals, articles, biographical information (including birth certificates, passport), lists (including prices and exhibitions) of her works, and various etching plates. The third part of the fonds comprises a collection of photographs of works by both artists. Lastly, the 1987 accrual to the fonds contains further biographical documentation and correspondence (relating to artworks, to the Loring and Wyle Trust Fund, to personal matters including finances, and to their estate) and an additional collection of photographs. Fonds consists of the following series: (Frances Loring) Lists of art works (Frances Loring) Biographical information Loring genealogy and historical background (Florence Wyle) Poems (Florence Wyle) Diaries, calendars and journals (Florence Wyle) Historical and biographical information (Florence Wyle) Price lists, exhibitions, catalogues, works (Florence Wyle) Articles/lectures (Florence Wyle) Miscellaneous Photographs (1983 donation) Loring & Wyle papers (1987 accrual) Loring & Wyle photographs (1987 accrual)

Loring, Frances

Lucius O'Brien studio journal

  • LA.SC146
  • Discrete item
  • 1882-1895

Item is a notebook used by Lucius O’Brien to record sales of his paintings year by year between 1882 and 1895, including names of purchasers and prices paid, both privately and at exhibitions. Notes in the journal also include income from art lessons. Beginning at the back of the journal on inverted pages (p. 94–[126]) are checklists of names of members of the Ontario Society of Artists and their addresses; with household and other notes.
Extracts from catalogues of art dealers and exhibitors and other material pasted into the journal include items from the Art Association of Montreal; Jno. B. Hall, M.D., Toronto; Thomas McLean’s Gallery in Haymarket, London; Matthews Brothers, Toronto; Dolman & Son Picture Frame Makers &c., London; W. Scott & Sons, Montreal; and the Palette Club, Toronto. Some leaves of pasted items have become detached.
Enclosures (loose) consist of a drawing of a sailing vessel, signed by the artist and dated 1882 (1 leaf); and a letter (1883) from J. Nathan, Burlington Gallery, London (1 leaf).

O’Brien, Lucius Richard

Canadian Art Club fonds

  • LA.SC009
  • Fonds
  • 1885-1949, predominant 1907-1915

Fonds consists of the records of the Canadian Art Club, including minutes of the organization’s meetings, constitution and by-laws, membership lists, photographs of artworks, documents of incorporation (1909) and ultimate dissolution (1930s) and club financial records in the form of ledgers and a collection of bills and receipts. Materials related to club exhibitions and dinners are supplemented by an extensive collection of clippings from reviews in newspapers of the day. Correspondence forms a significant portion of the papers, especially that to and from Edmund Morris, secretary of the club for several years. Papers related to the founding of the Art Museum of Toronto and the Central School of Industrial Art and Design are also included. Fonds is comprised of the following series: 1. Minutebook 2. Transcribed minutes and other documents 3. Records of annual banquets and exhibitions 4. Club lists 5. Photographs 6. Replies to dinner invitations 7. Scrapbooks/press clippings 8. Bills and receipts 9. Cash book 10. Records of club dissolution 11. Notes on a Toronto art school 12. Miscellaneous papers 13. Correspondence (Edgar J. Stone collection)

Canadian Art Club (Toronto, Ont.)

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