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Notes on 1970s Projects and Nihilist Spasm Band photo

File consists of approximately 37 loose papers with typed and handwritten notes, as well as 1 B&W photograph printed on paper of the Nihilist Spasm Band. The writings include a draft of an article titled "The Rise and Fall of a Technology (1973)," "The 4th Level of Machines," "the concretization of Functioning," "Hypothetical engine #2," a diagram for a possible project called "Sound Optics," a list of topics to study "for acoustic optics," a movie idea from 1971, a draft of a letter to Manfred Schnechenburger, a draft of an "Explanation about Work and Intentions," a page of typed writing titled "Synthetic (1973)," notes on "Saw Tooth Evolution", a list of "Works to be Completed 1975," and some pages of notes relating to a "Hypothetical Chessboard" dated to July 1974.

Notes on technical projects and other topics

File consists of approximately 72 loose papers, largely undated, with Favro's handwritten notes, writings and sketches. Also included are some photocopies of pages, possibly from a textbook, including a page of definitions, a page from a journal article about frequencies, two pages about the Aeolian Harp, and a page about audio devices. Also included are 4 pages from a 1964 issue of "Science and Mechanics," 3 pages of an article titled "Singing Louver," and a pamphlet of technical data and circuitry information. The writings and sketches cover a range of topics, but broadly relate to technical and mechanical projects, including details about a "teletype" project, an engine project, circuitry diagrams and sketches, thermal electricity, and a passive transmitter.

Journal 1977

File consists of approximately 32 loose pages of Favro's journal writings, beginning in January 1977. Also included is a photocopy of the floor plan for the Carmen Lamanna Gallery, 3 printed pages about turbines, and a photocopy of information about circuits. One group of papers is labeled "Ideas to be worked on."

Notes on Invention and other topics

File consists of approximately 49 loose pages of notes and writings, which are undated but possibly from the 1970s. The writings cover a range of topics, and are not all titled, but some examples from pages that are titled include "2nd Look at Invention," "Myths, Illusions, and Social Workings," "Lets all get Liberated," "Evolution [machine] Cultural and Biological," "Anthropology," "Exhibition," "Invention," "Invention and art," "Passive Transmitter," "A Science Fiction Outline," "Flying Lessons," "Meeting of Media," "Dynamic View of the Machine," "Perpetual Motion Machine," and "My Work."

Miscelaneous Writtings [sic]

File consists of approximately 51 loose pages of notes, which has "1972-1977 Miscelaneous Writtings [sic]" written on the first page. There are a variety of topics covered and projects by the writings, including the relationship between art and science, what Favro referred to as "The Myth Process," desensitization, magic, the individual, the centralization of technical knowledge, the Blacksmiths Jet Engine, the migration of functions in machines, knowledge and intelligence, and more.

Undated spiral notebook

File consists of 1 undated spiral notebook containing Favro's notes and a few sketches of animals towards the back of the notebook. Many of the pages have scribbles over the writings, possibly done by Favro's son, Mark. Not all of the writings have headlines, but those that do include, "Criticism of Science," "Against Fashion," and "No Critics Allowed." Also included is a draft of a letter for Carmen Lamanna regarding changes to a contact.

Undated exercise book

File consists of 1 undated exercise book containing mainly sketches of undefined shapes, as well as some short biographical notes about Favro's education, present activities, and achievements.

Undated duotang notebook

File consists of 1 undated duotang notebook of graph and lined paper containing Favro's notes and sketches. The sketches mainly relate to an undefined project labelled "Construction," and the notes cover Favro's possible ideas for shows, experiments, and a bus ride from London to Toronto.

Professional correspondence and other materials

File consists of textual records and graphic materials. The majority of the textual records are personal and professional correspondence spanning a range of years, including the 1970s and 1980s and amounts to approximately 40 pages. This correspondence covers a range of topics and activities, including artist talks, installations, exhibitions, grants, and the Nihilist Spasm Band. Additionally included is a postcard for an exhibition at the Forest City Gallery, a Slate Gallery Guide from 1998 with Favro's "Air Compressor and Turbine" on the cover, a matching postcard for a Favro exhibition at the LRAHM & McIntosh Gallery from 1998, an installation sketch and instructions for "Synthetic Lake," and promotional material for an exhibition titled "Track Records: Trains and Contemporary Photography" at Oakville Galleries. Also included is a sheet of paper with real-estate information about a house, a postcard for the opening of a Royden Rabinowitch exhibition at the Forest City Gallery, a photocopy of a magazine article about "The Flying Flea," meeting notes from a London Regional Art Gallery meeting, a biography and list of exhibitions up to 1977 for Favro, a blank artist questionnaire from Visual Arts Ontario, a photocopy of an article titled "Rubber - Fundamentals of its science and technology," a purchase agreement from the Carmen Lamanna Gallery, promotional material for “Engel,” a purchase order from 1973, a 2-page typed article on Favro, a photocopy of 3 versions of Van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles," installation instructions for “Van Gogh’s Room,” an exhibition schedule, and approximately 30 pages of notes and sketches by Favro covering a variety of topics, including "Approaches in Writing and Pictures," and "History of Work Done (Evolutions)." Lastly, also included are three colour photographs of an unknown installation piece, a child in a rowboat on a lawn, an aircraft in a gallery and one B&W photograph printed on hard-backed board of an unknown artwork.

Aircraft sketches duotang notebook

File consists of 1 undated duotang notebook of papers primarily containing aircraft sketches. At the back of the notebook is also a draft of a letter to Peter Sepp requesting financial assistance from POCA for a show.

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