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Undated duotang notebook

File consists of 1 undated duotang notebook of papers with Favro's notes. Among the topics written about and sketched are recording devices, machines, farm machinery, salesmen, and a description of a show and associated expenses for the Carmen Lamanna Gallery involving projections.

Undated duotang notebook

File consists of 1 undated duotang notebook of papers with Favro's notes, from approximately the 1960s-1970s. The topics discussed in the pages include, "A Critical General Analysis of Greg Curncoe - works from his studio windows," "Anti-Americanism," Favro's thoughts on articles from the morning paper, an "Analysis of Ron's Technology," "Visit to Toronto," "English Teacher I Remember," "Theory of Bugs for Brains," "Mark in the Morning at 1 year old," a draft of an article criticism, and more.

The Blacksmith's Jet Engine notebook

File consists of one spiral notebook with "The Blacksmith's Jet Engine" written on the cover. The sketches and notes relate to a variety of Favro's interests, projects, and ideas. Not all of the pages in the notebook are titled, but some examples of titles from the pages include; "Motorcycle - Evolution in Design," "A hypothetical engine," "Optics," "The Blacksmiths Jet Engine," and "Religion - Science - Invention." Engines, waves, turbines, and optical components are among the objects that are sketched throughout the notebook.

1972 Spiral notebook

File consists of 1 spiral notebook with Favro's notes and sketches from 1972 to approximately 1973. Notes on current projects, ideas, thoughts and sketches are included. Not all of the pages are titled, but some examples of titles from the notes include; "IDEA for a Wind Stringed Instrument," “Thermal Electric Cooling (for projectors)," "1973 Experiments," "Patent Application," Ultrasonic Surface Waves," "The Concrete Example," "The Intelligent machine," and "A Type of Information Machine." A number of pages have also been drawn on by Mark Favro, with some labelled "Mark Favro's Drawings."

Idea Notes

File consists of 1 duotang of papers with "Idea Notes" written on the front cover. The notes and sketches inside cover a variety of topics from abstract ideas to more concrete designs, and include notes about movie and slides projectors, "electronics music," and circuit design.

1971 Duotang notebook

File consists of 1 duotang of papers from approximately 1971. The topics covered in the notebook are varied, but include notes on a project called "Poo Fly," notes on objects and the influences or forces that affect them, steps for a possible project, technology, and preparations for a speech in which Favro discusses the philosophy behind his work.

Record Book

File consists of 1 hardcover notebook of lined paper with "Record" on the front. It includes Favro's notes on a range of topics including the concepts of sensitizing and desensitizing, recording devices, computers, and more.

Notes from Books about Physics

File consists of 1 lined notebook and 2 pages of printed reproductions of art, possibly removed from a pamphlet or catalogue book. The notebook contains Favro's notes and reflections on a variety of topics beyond physics, as well as a number of sketches of guitars and other undefined works.

Final Report 1970-1971 booklet

File consists of 1 duotang of papers of handwritten notes, mainly concerning draft writings for a "Final Report" possibly for a grant or bursary. At the back of the duotang are also 2 letters from 1971 regarding a change to the property management of a residential building.

Hand-drawn circuitry diagrams, correspondence, and other materials

File consists of approximately 30 pages of textual records. Included are 13 pages of hand-drawn circuitry diagrams and notes for a "Digital Identification Unit (DIU)." There are also approximately 14 pages of handwritten notes covering a variety of Favro's thoughts and ideas, including those about technical progression, knowledge and intelligence, patents, and more. There is also a legend of symbols concerning "Wing sections and characteristics." Lastly, also included is a letter from Alvin Balkind, AGO Curator of Contemporary Art, to Favro, dated 8 August 1973 regarding a possible acquisition, a handwritten draft of Favro’s reply, and 1 page of questions for a patent attorney.

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