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Revised Physics Ideas notebook

File consists of 1 lined notebook with Favro's notes, mainly on science and physics. There are also a number of drawings of undefined shapes and curves throughout the notebook.

1968 notebook

File consists of 1 lined exercise notebook with Favro's notes and sketches. "1968" is written on the front of the notebook. Inside it Favro writes and reflects on a range of topics, including his intentions as an artist, painting, and his thoughts on different types of artists.

Show at 2020 Gallery Plans notebook

File consists of 1 exercise notebook in a duotang folder as well as a card for a 1977 Favro exhibition titled "Airshow" at the Carmen Lamanna Gallery. "67-68 season Show at 2020 Gallery Plans" is written on the front of the exercise book.

Efforts and Thought notebook

File consists of 1 lined notebook with Favro's notes and reflections. "Efforts and Thought" is written on the front, and the writings inside cover a variety of topics and issues, including the Vietnam war, what it means to be an artist, and perception.

Murray Favro's 1983-84 Retrospective Exhibition: Press and Promotion

File consists of textual records relating to Favro's 1983-84 Retrospective exhibition, largely comprised of press and promotional materials. It includes Greg Curncoe's opening remarks a the 1984 opening of the exhibition at the National Gallery, a 1984 Art Gallery of Windsor bulletin, a 1983 issue of Artmagazine 66, a 1983 issue of The Art Post and a photocopy of the Art Post article on Favro's exhibition, clippings from a 1983 issue of the Globe and Mail, advertisements for the exhibition by the AGO, two copies of a review for the exhibition from a 1983 issue of The Gallery, an invitation to the Special Press Preview for Murray Favro: A Retrospective, a note to Marie Flemming from William J. Withrow regarding the opening of the Favro exhibition, a 2-page press release for the exhibition from the AGO, two printouts of reviews for the exhibition in French, and two invitations to the Members' Preview of Murray Favro: A Retrospective at the AGO.

Graphex Catalogue, circuitry notes and other materials

File consists of a 1998 newspaper clipping featuring a review of a Nihilist Spasm Band show in London, ON, a 1984 Graphex 9 Catalogue featuring one of Favro's works, 3 pages of sketches of aircrafts, a printout of an article titled "Build Improved ASCII Encoder" by Don Lancaster, a photocopy of circuitry instructions, handwritten notes, calculations, and sketches for an undefined circuitry project, and notes on thermodynamics.

Nihilist Spasm Band Press Materials for Japan

File consists of approximately 23 pages of press and promotional materials for the Nihilist Spasm Band’s Japan presence. It includes a poster for a Nihilist Spasm Band CD release by Alchemy Records, a brief history of the band, printouts from a 1997 website featuring information about the band’s shows, and printouts of reviews and articles of the band from 1997. Also included is a printed black and white poster featuring a picture of the band under the title “the world’s first noise band.”

Earth Physics Branch photographs and correspondence

File consists textual records and graphic material, comprised mainly of correspondence and photographs. Includes a 1977 letter from Carmen Lamana, a printout of a 1996 email from Yoshiyuki Hiroshige with Alchemy Records, a 1998 letter from Matthew Teitelaum with the AGO, and a 2003 letter from Gallery Stratford. Also included are 8 B&W photographs from 1972-73 from the Department of Energy Mines, and Resources - Earth Physics Branch. Lastly, there is a page of installation instructions for “Van Gogh’s Room.”

Schedule for work on projects and other materials

File consists of textual records relating to Favro's work and projects from a range of dates, possibly largely from the 1970s. It includes a sketch of two cat collars, a variety of sketches of unidentified objects or components, possible instructions for computer programming or calculations, a list of the number of days Favro plans to allocate to specific projects, handwritten lists of daily tasks, and a 1968 contract with the National Gallery of Canada. Also includes a 1967 letter from the Ford Motor Company certifying employment, a 1968 letter from The University of Western Ontario, a postcard from Janey Hassan, 3 pages of correspondence with the London Public Library and Art Museum from 1971 from Greg Curnoe, and a 1970 letter from Carmen Lamanna.

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