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[Photographs: family, Poland]

Most of the photographs in this file depict Kielce, Poland; date is estimated to be 1960s based on clothing and other image details. Family photographs include apparent vintage print and several copies of family group as above; image of Iskowitz's mother (?) and unidentified woman; unidentified family group apparently from 1910s. One photograph depicts men in concentration camp uniforms, Iskowitz not apparently among them.


File contains 3 magazine covers by Jessie Gillespie (1888-1972) from Vogue, May 15 1911, Nov. 1 1911 and Dec. 1 1911.

O Tilton

File contains 9 magazine covers by Olive Pell (Mrs Newell Tilton; Olive Tilton Bigelow) (1886-1980) that include 7 covers not mounted in mats from Harper's weekly, Dec. 20 1913 and Vogue, 1911-1914 (6 covers) and 2 matted covers from Vogue, Jan. 15 1913 and April 15 1913 .

Helen Dryden

File contains 71 magazine covers (including duplicates) by Helen Dryden (1887-1981) that include 61 covers not mounted in mats from Dress & Vanity fair, Nov. 1913, Vanity fair, May 1919 and Vogue, 1911-1922 (60 covers), sorted chronologically; arrangement, by box-folder: 4-10) 1911-1913; 4-11) 1914-1916; 4-12) 1917-1922.


File contains 4 magazine covers by Robert McQuinn (b. 1884) from Everybody's magazine, Dec. 1911, Harper's bazar, June 1915 and Vogue, Feb. 15 1912 and Dec. 1 1915. Illustrations by this artist will also be found in series 4 (Illustrations from publications for children).


File contains 44 magazine covers (including duplicates), chiefly signed with his monogram, by George Wolfe Plank (1883-1965) that include 34 covers not mounted in mats from Collier's, Apr. 29 1911, Dress and Vanity fair, Oct. 1913, Vanity fair, 1914-1918 (4 covers) and Vogue, 1911-1925 (27 covers), sorted chronologically; arrangement, by box-folder: 7-8) 1911-1914; 7-9) 1915-1925.

Wilson Karcher

File contains 2 magazine covers by Wilson Karcher (b. 1882) from The designer, Dec. 1911 and Vogue, June 1 1912.


Notebooks document Munn’s student life in New York City and at the Art Students League Summer School in Woodstock. She recorded her lecture notes, essays containing reviews and summaries of books read, notations regarding books of interest, sketches, anatomical drawings, copies of historical works of art, poems, and occasionally ephemera. Under the tutelage of her teachers at the Art Students League – Andrew Dasburg, Max Weber, A.S. Baylinson, Stanton Macdonald-Wright and Henry L. McFee, she embraced modernism and gained exposure to literary, artistic and musical influences of her day. The notebooks show her to be an avid reader with a keen interest in the intellectual life of her time and in the artistic expression of other cultures and epochs. There is a particular delight in pattern and an underlying search for explanation and order. On the front pastedown of Notebook No. 8 she wrote, “Perfect beauty is the expression of perfect order, balance, harmony, rhythm. Beauty is a supreme instance of order intuitively felt, instinctively appreciated”. The notebooks are undated, with the exception of No. 5.

Munn, Kathleen Jean, 1887-1974

Life drawings: charcoal

File contains drawings in charcoal on paper of figures that appear to have been executed in a life drawing class.

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