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Book and magazine artists' illustrations

File contains over 2000 sheets of book and magazine illustrations, chiefly from fictional works, some of which are mounted on cardboard (38 x 25 cm) or similar. Arrangement, by box: 1) Ashley-Duncan; 2) Fink-Guipon; 29) Hale-Kinney; 30) Lawless-Myrbach; 31) Nahl-Small; 32) Stevens-Unidentified artists. Illustrations by William James Aylward, Randolph Caldecott and Walter Crane will also be found in series 4 (Illustrations from publications for children). The following artists are represented: Ashley, Clifford Warren (1881-1947), Aylward, William James (1875-1956), Birch, Reginald Bathurst (1856-1943), Booth, Franklin (1874-1948), Browne, Hablot Knight (1815-1882), Bull, René (ca.1875-1942), Burne-Jones, Edward (1833-1898), Caldecott, Randolph (1846-1886), Cameron, Hugh (1835-1918), Castaigne, J. André (1861-1929), Chambers, Charles Edward (1883-1941), Christy, Howard Chandler (1872-1952), Cootes, Frederick Graham (1879-1960), Covey, Arthur Sinclair (1877-1960), Covey, Molly Sale (1880-1917), Craig, Frank (1874-1918), Crane, Walter (1845-1915), Creswick, Thomas (1811-1869), Cruikshank, George (b. 1842), Devambez, André Edouard (1867-1944), Dicksee, Frank (1853-1928), Doyle, Charles Altamont (1832-1893), Doyle, Richard (1824-1883), Du Maurier, George (1834-1896), Dudley, Robert Charles (1826-1900), Duncan, Walter Jack (1881-1941), Edwards, Mary Ellen (1838-1910?), Fink, Denman (1880-1956), Fisher, Harrison (1877-1934), Flagg, James Montgomery (1877-1960), Fogarty, Thomas (1873-1938), Foote, Mary Hallock 1847-1938), Foster, Myles Birket (1825-1899), Foster, William Frederick (1883-1953), Foster, William Harnden (1886-1941), Fraser, Francis Arthur (1846-1924), Furlong, Charles Wellington (1874-1967), Gilbert, John (1817-1897), Glackens, William James (1870-1938), Goble, Warwick (1863-1943), Graham, Thomas Alexander Ferguson (1840-1906), Green, Elizabeth Shippen (1871-1954), Greiffenhagen, Maurice (1862-1931), Gruger, Frederic Rodrigo (1871-1953), Guipon, Léon (1872-1910), Hale, Walter (1869-1917), Hanna, Thomas King (1872-1951), Harding (Brown), Charlotte (1873-1951), Harding, George Matthews (1882-1959), Harrison, Florence Susan (1877-1955), Haskell, Ernest (1876-1925), Hatherell, William (1855-1928), Heath, Ernest Dudley (1867-1945), Herter, Albert (1871-1950), Hitchcock, Lucius Wolcott (1868-1942), Houghton, Arthur Boyd (1836-1875), Hughes, Arthur (1832-1915), Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910), Hutchison, Robert Gemmell (1855-1936), Hutt, Henry (1875-1950), Ivanowski, Sigismond de (1875-1944), Jones, Alfred Garth (1872-1955), Joseph, Sydney (1876-1950), Justice, Martin (1869-1961), Keene, Charles Samuel (1823-1891), Keller, Arthur Ignatius (1866-1924), Kemble, Edward Windsor (1861-1933), Kimball, Alonzo Myron (1874-1923), King, Cecil (1881-1942), King, William B. (1880-1927), Kinney, Margaret West (1872-1950) and Troy Kinney (1871-1938), Lawless, Matthew James (1837-1864), Lawrence, William Hurd (1866-1938), Lawson, Francis Wilfred (1842-1935), Lawson, John (19th cent.), Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896), Linson, Corwin Knapp (1864-1934), Loeb, Louis (1866-1909), Lowell, Orson (1871-1956), Macbeth, Robert Walker (1848-1910), Macquoid, Percy (1852-1925), Mahoney, James (ca.1816-1879), Marchand, John Norval (1875-1921), Matthews, W. (19th/20th cent.), Maxwell, Donald (1877-1936), McCarter, Henry (1866-1942), McCormick, Arthur David (1860-1943), Meylan, Paul Julien (1882-1962), Michael, Arthur Carr (fl. 1903-1928), Millais, John Everett (1829-1896), Millet, Francis Davis (1846-1912), Mora, F. Luis (1874-1940), Morten, Thomas (1836-1866), Mulready, William (1786-1863), Myrbach, Felician (1853-1940), Nahl, Perham Wilhelm (1869-1939), North, John William (1842-1924), Oakley, Thornton (1881-1953), O'Neill, Rose Cecil (1874-1944), Peck, Clara Elsene (1883-1968), Peck, Henry Jarvis (1880-1964), Peixotto, Ernest Clifford (1869-1940), Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926), Pettie, John (1839-1893), Pfeifer, Herman (1879-1931), Pickersgill, Frederick Richard (1820-1900), Pinwell, George John (1842-1875), Poynter, Edward John (1836-1919), Preston, May Wilson (1875-1963), Pyle, Howard (1853-1911), Relyea, Charles M. (1863-1932), Reynolds, Frank (1876-1953), Reynolds, Warwick (1880-1926), Rivière, Briton (1849-1920), Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882), Sanderson, H. (fl. 1862-1865), Sandys, Frederick (1829-1904), Shepard, Ernest H. (1879-1976), Small, William (1843-1931), Stevens, Dorothy (1888-1966), Stone, Marcus C. (1840-1921), Tenniel, John (1820-1914), Thomas, George Housman (1824-1868), Walker, Fred (1840-1875), Watson, John Dawson (1832-1892), Weir, Harrison William (1824-1906), Whistler, James McNeill (1834-1903), Williams, John Alonzo (1869-1951), Winter, Alice Mary (Beach) (1877-1970), Wolf, Joseph (1820-1899), Unidentified artists.


File contains a Canadian passport issued to Varley in 1966; the programme for the opening of the McMichael Conservation Collection of Art, 1966; a calendar for a Doon School of Fine Arts; a York University art exhibition notice from 1965; a photomechanical print of a drawing of Varley by A. Kimpton; a list of Varley transparencies in the collection of the Edmonton Art Gallery; receipts, lists of works of art, a promissory note (1875) and related records, receipts, a photomechanical print of a child with bow and arrow (annotated on verso), a small negative (photographic) of trees, and other material.

Cumulated artists' illustrations

File contains one magazine cover by each of 39 artists, listed as their signatures appear on the covers, sorted alphabetically by surname or pseudonym; arrangement, by box-folder: 8-1) Avery-Hassall; 8-2) Iribe-Mossa; 8-3) Pape-Thurlow. Illustrations by William James Glackens and Sydney Joseph will also be found in series 3 (Magazine illustrations), and illustrations by John Hassall in series 4 (Illustrations from publications for children). Claire Avery (1879-1929), Vogue, Jan. 1 1917; R.A. Bell (Robert Anning Bell) (1863-1933), The ladies’ home journal, Nov. 1896; George de Forest Brush (1855-1941), The ladies’ home journal, Sept. 1911; Ruth Sypherd Clements (b. 1883), Vogue, May 15 1913; Gordon Conway (1894-1956), Vanity fair, Jan. 1918; E. Stetson Crawford (Earl Stetson Crawford) (1877-1966), Country life in America, Dec. 15 1910; Stuart Davis (1892-1964), The masses, May 1914; E. Deane (20th cent.), Harper’s bazar, July 1915; Jean-Gabriel Domergue (1889-1962), Vogue, Apr. 1 1921; Dorothy Edinger (1896-1970), Vogue, Apr. 15 1918 (unsigned); W. Glackens (William James Glackens) (1870-1938), Collier’s, Apr. 16 1910; Will Hammell (1888-1963), Vogue, Aug. 1 1913 (unsigned); Hartman (Emil Alvin Hartman) (b. 1894), Fashion-art, Aug. 1917; John Hassall (1868-1948), The gentlewoman, Xmas [Dec.] 1913; Paul Iribe (1883-1935), Femina, Feb. 15 1912; Frank H. Johnston (Franz Johnston) (1888-1949), The Canadian courier, Oct. 28 1911 (complete issue); Sydney Joseph (1876-1950), Vanity fair, Nov. 1915; Ilonka Karasz (1896-1981), The masses, Dec. 1915; Kay (Gertrude Alice Kay) (1884-1939), The ladies' home journal, May 1924; Kliz (pseudonym of G.H.H. Clisbee) (1895-1936), Vanity fair, July 1922; Locher (Robert Evans Locher) (1888-1956), Vogue, Mar. 15 1916; Reinaldo Luza (Reynaldo Luza) (1893-1978), Vogue, Feb. 15 1921; C.A. MacLellan (Charles Archibald MacLellan) (1885-1961), Canadian home journal, Oct. 1912; R.S. McMullen (Ralph Spencer McMullen) (b. 1886), The Canadian courier, May 24 1919; Montagnac (20th cent.), Vanity fair, Feb. 1922; Gustave Adolphe Mossa (1883-1971), Harper's bazar, Mar. 1915; Eric Pape (1870-1938), The delineator, Feb. 1917; Peirson (David Peirson) (20th cent.), Vogue, Sept. 15 1911; HRP (Hal Ross Perrigard) (1891-1960), The Canadian Illustrated monthly, June 1920; Piorkowska (Olga May Piorkowski; Olga Thomas; Olga Wagstaff; Olga Newhall) (b. 1894), Harper's bazar, Sept. 1915; Joseph B. Platt (Joseph Brereton Platt) (1895-1968), Vogue, Aug. 1 1920; J.A. Radford (John A. Radford) (1860-1940), British Columbia magazine, July 1911; Louis J. Rhead (Louis John Rhead) (1857-1926), Harper's bazar, Thanksgiving [Nov.] 1894; David Robinson (20th cent.), Vogue, July 15 1911; Rundquist (Ethel Caroline Rundquist; Ethel Caroline Cobham) (1892-1977), Vanity fair, Jan. 1916; Albert Sterner (Albert Edward Sterner) (1863-1946), The delineator, Aug. 1909; William Ladd Taylor (1854-1926), The ladies' home journal, Oct. 1895 (unsigned); Thomas Thomas (20th cent.), Vogue, Feb. 1 1918 (unsigned); H.T. (Helen Thurlow) (b. 1889), Vogue, Sept. 15 1916.

Albert Guillaume

File contains a copy of a graphic fictional work, Madame est servie (Paris: H. Simonis Empis, [1897]) (unpaged), by Albert Guillaume (1873-1942).

Edward B. Edwards

File contains 2 magazine covers by Edward Bartholomew Edwards (1873-1948) from The Century iIlustrated monthly magazine, June 1899 and The upholsterer and interior decorator, Aug. 15 1917.


File contains 7 magazine covers by Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966), some unsigned but credited, from Collier's, Apr. 2 1910 and Sept. 3 1910 and The ladies' home journal, 1901-1921 (5 covers). Illustrations by this artist will also be found in series 4 (Illustrations from publications for children).

Charles Dana Gibson

File contains clippings of illustrations by Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944) from Cosmopolitan and other magazines that published fiction with captioned illustrations; 3 covers for McClure's magazine from 1913 (March, April and June); clippings of illustrations from New York and Pittsburgh (Pa.) newspapers; and illustrations for Collier's, Harper's bazar (including the cartoon series "Senator Lambkin's daughter Mary"), Life and Toronto Star weekly. Arrangement, by box-folder: 6-9) captioned illustrations; 6-10) magazine covers and newspaper clippings; 6-11) other magazine illustrations.Among the books donated by Emily Elliott now in the library collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario Library and Archives is The education of Mr. Pipp by Charles Dana Gibson (New York: R.H. Russell, 1899).

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