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Curnoe, Greg
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Greg Curnoe fonds

  • LA.SC066
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1996

Fonds consists of the personal and professional records of Greg Curnoe. It includes such textual documentation as writing files; correspondence; project files including grant applications, records of the National Gallery retrospective exhibition, and Curnoe’s published writings; notebooks and journals kept by the artist, including his cycling journals; and a number of bookworks. Visual material includes numerous sketchbooks and works on paper as well as extensive photographic documentation of Curnoe’s studio, social and professional activities, exhibitions, family life, and art work. Also included are printing blocks and rubber stamps used in Curnoe’s art making. The fonds contains audio and audiovisual material which records important events and ideas in Curnoe’s life. The fonds includes two pop culture collections relating closely to Curnoe’s art practice: his collection of buttons and his collection of regional pop bottles. Titles not in brackets follow Curnoe’s original folder names. Fonds is comprised of the following series: 1. Writings files 2. Correspondence files 3. Organization and project files 4. Publications files 5. Research and subject files 6. National Gallery of Canada retrospective exhibition records 7. Deeds/Abstracts and Deeds/Nations files 8. Grant applications 9. Financial records 10. Inventories of art works 11. Publicity material 12. Cycling journals 13. Notebooks and diaries 14. Sketchbooks 15. Bookworks 16. Printing plates 17. Rubber stamps 18. Buttons collection 19. Pop bottle collection 20. Works on paper 21. Ephemera / found objects 22. Photographs 23. Audio cassettes 24. Video recordings 25. Clothing and personal effects 26. Sheila Curnoe’s files 27. Published material

Curnoe, Greg

Nellie Curnoe-Greg Curnoe collection

  • LA.SC074
  • Collection
  • 1936-1999

Collection consists of documentation of Greg Curnoe’s life and career as an artist, collected by Nellie Curnoe throughout her son’s life and after his death. The fonds includes Greg Curnoe’s childhood drawings, notes, annotated books and school records; documentation of his artistic activities, including press clippings and exhibition invitations; postcards from Greg Curnoe and his family to his parents; and sympathy cards to Nellie and Gordon Curnoe following Greg Curnoe’s death. Collection is comprised of the following series: 1. Juvenilia 2. Memorabilia 3. Elementary school records 4. Childhood books 5. Artefacts 6. Exhibition documentation 7. Postcards from Greg Curnoe 8. Press clippings 9. Sympathy cards

Curnoe, Nellie, 1909-1999

Sheila Curnoe’s files

Series consists of files pertaining to Greg Curnoe maintained by Sheila Curnoe following the artist’s death. Series includes letters and telegrams of condolence from friends and colleagues, tributes, etc.

Curnoe, Greg

Published material

Series consists of published material by and about Greg Curnoe, including catalogues of his group and solo exhibitions. The series listing includes all titles received as part of the fonds. As noted below, items in this series may be physically located in the library collection, or another series in this fonds.

Curnoe, Greg

Notebooks and diaries

Series consists of notebooks and diaries in which Greg Curnoe recorded visual and verbal observations and poetry and prose writings from his art college years to his later professional life.

Curnoe, Greg


Series consists of bookworks by Greg Curnoe, most printed with the rubber stamping technique. Two (“The Coke Book” and “Walks”) are handwritten.

Curnoe, Greg

Works on paper

Series consists of preparatory works and sketches on paper (watercolours, prints, drawings, rubber stamp works), and juvenilia by Greg Curnoe.

Curnoe, Greg

Audio cassettes

Series consists of audio cassettes recorded by Greg Curnoe.

Curnoe, Greg

Video recordings

Series consists of video cassettes and one video reel documenting Greg Curnoe at work and in conversation with colleagues.

Curnoe, Greg

Cycling journals

Series consists of journals in which Greg Curnoe recorded data about his cycling training.

Curnoe, Greg

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